Hi, my name is Justin Girard and I'm a Boston based interactive designer. 
Currently available for part-time freelance.


Art Director at Inphantry

Currently my roles are designing seamless, multi-channel digital experiences  

and large scale web-based products for clients including Bombay Sapphire, Puma,   

John Hancock, Nike, Jordan, Google, Guinness, Captain Morgan, and Johnny Walker.


The “Über” of home services. Manage techs, 
work orders, schedules, billing, and more.

Project Description

Apptopia needed help setting up frameworks for robust mobile and web platforms that help small to medium home-service businesses manage billing, technicians, work orders, and schedules. We helped provide them with complete transparency into the activity of their technicians throughout the workday. Companies were able to view technicians and job locations on a map, track time and miles traveled, check on current statuses for jobs, and monitor breaks, all in a single dashboard.

We also worked on ways to keep the customers informed at all times. We developed automated appointment confirmations and alerts, as well as real-time technician arrival updates and tracking, digital estimates, invoices, and receipts by e-mail. The project has lead to a multi-million dollar acquisition.


I helped develop the visual identity for the brand, and worked closely with Apptopia's marketing, development, and digital strategy teams to come up with user flows for an array of iPhone app concepts, websites, e-mails, and desktop web applications.

Project of INPHANTRY

2013 America’s Cup Social Aggregator 
for Oracle Team USA Sailing Team

52f410022b5f813919000218_americacup-logo.png 52f4100a6f60c03a19000293_teamUSA-logo.png

Project Description

Team Oracle and Puma Sailing's marketing teams were looking for an innovative social experience that merged all of the content around the 34th annual America's Cup Sailing Race. Within the experience we found ways to promote Puma's OTUSA fan wear and Exosphere line with a back-end CMS that gave their team the ability to tag pictures with the clothing from the Puma.com e-commerce site.

We also provided research, technology, and the right content strategy for a responsive experience. In addition, we also gave users a geographical view of where OTUSA content was being produced, and more importantly where the conversations were happening.


I helped lead and win the project pitch for Inphantry against 6 other agencies. After the pitch my roles were Lead User Experience designer, overall art direction, and design and development production.

Project of INPHANTRY

Captain [Morgan’s] Label Maker

Project Description

Diageo and Captain Morgan introduced customizable bottles of Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum to customers in liquor stores across America. Inphantry was given the freedom to come up with alternative label designs that allowed customers to put their very own names on the bottle. We created a seamless desktop application that allowed users to effortlessly add their name to limited-edition label designs, print them, and have a personalized bottle in seconds.


I redesigned the bottle labels, defined the user flow of the Label Maker application, and designed the entire application experience.

Seize the night.


Project Description

BarMatch is a social network application that gives users a tool to enhance their night life experience. This app utilizes algorithms and GPS functionality to pair users up with the right bar or restaurant that best suites them. Features include messaging and user-matchmaking to drive person to person interaction.


I was the Creative Director for the overall project. I oversaw branding, designed user flows, designed the iPhone and Andriod application, and created a website where potential users could preview the app and sign up to learn more.

52f413f96f60c03a190002a3_barmatch-screen-1-a.png 52f413ffbc0395d97100025f_barmatch-screen-2.png 52f41404bc0395d971000260_barmatch-screen-3.png

Win gift cards and more with 
the AdLuck iPhone App!

Project Description

Rails Reactor wanted to create an iPhone application that rewarded users for watching advertisements. We wanted to "gamify" the experience within the Adluck video player by allowing users to play scratch tickets and slot machines to win points and gift cards from sponsored brands.

While advertisements played on screen, viewers had to interact with the partnering brands' logos, which appeared sporadically throughout the videos, to ensure that users were watching the content fully. In addition, we asked users specifics about the commercials before they were allowed to win prizes.


I branded and designed the iPhone application and worked closely with the Rails Reactor product development team. I came up with user flows for an array of iPhone app design concepts.

52f415f22b5f813919000299_adLuck-screen-1.png 52f416002b5f81391900029c_adLuck-screen-2.png 52f416056f60c03a190002b9_adLuck-screen-3.png 52f4160b6f60c03a190002bc_adLuck-screen-4.png
Project of INPHANTRY

Building a place where savings 
are everywhere.


Project Description

Perkstreet Financial wanted an engaging video to show potential customers the ease in receiving cash-back rewards, as well as educate them on other product offerings. Inphantry's goal was to bring PerkStreet to life.

We sought to make the online financial institution a virtual place where everyone can live and save. Real customer testimonials were interspersed with rewards accrued from debit card purchases to illustrate the benefits of savings and community--the two biggest reasons smart consumers "bank on the bright side" with PerkStreet.


I helped concept and design visuals for the overall creative direction of the commercial. I was one of two designers for the design production, and was the lead animator for the live-action creation and visual effects.